GPS routes

We have several cycling routes that can be displayed via an app on your phone or a dedicated GPS device. Since there are very few street signs in the countryside, it is very difficult to follow a route on paper or via a map, which is why we recommend everyone to use a GPS device such as a smartphone. A holder to attach your phone to the handlebars of your bicycle can be borrowed at the reception.

Routes in the app from outdooractive
The app that we can recommend to you and that can be used at no cost is called outdooractive. After installing the app, you need to log in to use it. If you then zoom in on camping Laouba, you can view and select the routes made by us.

Routes as GPX file
There are of course also several other apps for the phone that you can use. The gpx files that can be downloaded below can be opened with your favorite app. These apps often have their own search function for finding cycling routes in the area. The gpx files can also be used for other GPS devices such as Garmin etc. Press the link of the route you want to download as a gpx file.

Camping-Laouba – Montalivet-les-Bains 21km

Camping-Laouba – Vendays-Montalivet 16km

Camping-Laouba – Queyrac 25km

Camping Laouba – Lesparre – Queyrac 42km

Camping-Laouba – st-Vivien 25km

Camping Laouba – Soulac – st Vivien 55km

Camping-Laouba – Les Aurillons-Cayrehours 16km

Camping Laouba MTB tour 37km