What do you actually do in the winter? Harvesting olives!

Our guests are regularly curious about what we actually do in the winter when the campsite is closed and whether we get enough income from the campsite during the season to live on all year round. Of course we ensure that all facilities are maintained out of season and that we can realize new ideas if necessary. We enjoy that a lot, but that does not provide us with any income and the camping site does not yet provide us with enough income to live on all year round. To provide this, we traveled to Spain with our camper last winter to help ecological agricultural companies harvest the olives, prune the trees and all kinds of other jobs that had to be done. Of course interspersed with lots of water sports and discovering the culture and nature of Spain. We really liked this and we will certainly do it more often. We also brought back olive oil for the enthusiasts. If you have an empty bottle or jar, you can have it filled with us.

Published on: March 28, 2021  -  Filed under: Camping News, Not part of a category